Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School has received recognition in the Australian Education Awards 2024 in the categories of “Best Student Wellbeing Program,” “Best Professional Learning Program,” and ”Primary School Teacher of the Year (Non-Government).”

We are thrilled to announce that Tracy Foyster is a 2024 Excellence Awardee for Primary School Teacher of the Year (Non-Government).

Tracy Foyster’s 24-year tenure at Lindisfarne has been marked by substantial contributions to primary education. Specialising in Year 6 and Stage 3, Tracy has demonstrated excellence in English, Maths, and Integrated Studies. Her dedication is evident in the comprehensive revitalisation of the Year 6 curriculum she has undertaken over the past year, showcasing her commitment to enhancing educational experiences for her students.

Tracy excels in merging educational excellence with dynamic, curriculum-extending initiatives. Her dedication to sustainability and environmentalism is evident, alongside her ability to craft a differentiated curriculum that offers students genuine, hands-on learning opportunities. This method not only propels students beyond their educational objectives but also arms them with practical skills for the future. Tracy’s active engagement with community, government, and industry partners positions her at the forefront of innovative educational practices, showcasing her unique talent for making learning both meaningful and engaging. Her approach exemplifies cutting-edge teaching that prepares students for real-world challenges.

In addition to Tracy’s nomination, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School received recognition in the Australian Education Awards 2024 in the categories of “Best Student Wellbeing Program” and “Best Professional Learning Program.”

Wellbeing Program

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School’s innovative Wellbeing Program is a direct response to the complex needs of our growing student body, designed to navigate the myriad challenges presented by technological, societal, and global shifts. The Wellbeing Program, Preschool-Year 12, emphasises holistic development through the Round Square principles, which advocate for international understanding, democratic engagement, environmental stewardship, adventurous learning, and leadership. Integrating mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health into the curriculum, the program includes specific strategies for stress management and raising mental health awareness. It aims to improve student resilience and enhance academic performance, equipping them to become confident, ethical contributors to society. As the landscape of mental health and wellbeing evolves, Lindisfarne is dedicated to continually adapting its wellbeing initiatives to meet the changing needs of our world.

Professional Learning Program

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School’s Professional Learning Program stands out for its commitment to Australian Professional Standard 7, ‘Professional Engagement’. The professional learning program at Lindisfarne is dedicated to promoting a culture of collaborative practice for the benefit of the profession, not just the school itself.

The program has also excelled in fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. through initiatives like high-profile, free PD events and staff-led development, we’ve extended our influence nationally, sharing our expertise and resources widely. Our program, detailed in the StaffED prospectus, emphasises personal and professional development. By hosting major events like the ‘AI, ChatGPT and Education Roundtable,’ we’ve positioned ourselves at the forefront of educational innovation. Lindisfarne is committed to sharing its resources and networks to support the profession nationwide. 

These nominations and recognitions serve as a source of motivation for us to continue striving for educational innovation and providing outstanding learning experiences for our students. We eagerly await the Awards show in August when the results will be announced.