Welcome from the Head of Senior School

Our aim for Lindisfarne graduates to become collaborative problem-solvers could not be more relevant right now. In a world where change is ongoing and set to become even more fast-paced than it is today, the Senior School provides a framework for 21st-century learning and future-focused, real-world thinking that equips our students for their lives post-school.

Our students are encouraged to develop the best versions of themselves. To support this, the Senior School focuses on nurturing compassion and empathy whilst our students become proficient in taking full ownership of their learning. Our senior students have exciting and challenging course options and activities where they can pursue their individual passions while continuing to discover new ones. Championed by their classmates and a dedicated Senior School teaching team, our students are encouraged to become strong, determined and compassionate citizens.

At Lindisfarne, we aim to foster curiosity, open-mindedness and collaboration for we do not live in isolation. In order to truly succeed and contribute to our society, students must learn these skills above all. Curiosity to become lifelong learners; open-mindedness in order to be able to listen, to accept differences and to formulate critical informed thinking; and collaboration to be able to work in the worldwide community, all of which combined will enable them to be agents of their own lives. Our students graduate enabled and empowered both academically and emotionally to assume responsibility for making a positive contribution to the world.

Kate Cornell
Head of Senior School

The Senior School focuses on nurturing compassion and empathy while our students become proficient in taking full ownership of their learning.

The Curriculum (Years 9 to 12)

The Senior School academic, pastoral care and co-curricular programs are designed to support students through their final years of schooling by encouraging independence and self-confidence in a supportive environment.

Students receive a strong foundation in each of the academic disciplines, and a wide variety of electives at all levels allow them to tailor their academic experiences to suit their own talents and interests.

The subjects available in Senior School are listed in the attached Curriculum Manuals.

Learning enrichment

The varied interests and talents of students are encouraged through a wide variety of programs, rich in quality differentiation, catering for individual needs through tailored plans.

Learning Enrichment Coordinators work collaboratively with students, families, teachers and external professionals to inspire and nurture talents to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.

Academic Enrichment

Our holistic program is designed to cater for the needs of all Lindisfarne students by guiding them on a passionate learning journey filled with opportunities as they embark on a voyage of discovery.

Our Academic Enrichment Program allows students to be driving their own learning and foster a passion for lifelong learning with the support of Learning Enrichment Specialists. Students’ talents are extended through enrichment programs allowing them to discover new pathways, take risks and follow their passions.

These experiences are varied and extensive and include:

  • Creative Entrepreneurs (DisruptEd).
  • Challenges and engagement with industry professionals.
  • Accelerated pathways of study (Business at Bond).
  • Engagement with visiting Global Entrepreneurs and Academics.
  • Competitions to challenge and ignite that spark for learning.
  • Australian Futuristic Space Design Competition.
  • Creative Musical and Dramatic Performance.


Wellbeing in Senior School

As students move into Senior School, they begin their journey into young adulthood, supported academically, emotionally and spiritually to be prepared for life beyond Lindisfarne. But this is so much more than students just planning for future careers and options. It also involves thinking deeply about the roles they will play – their service to the community and others and their contribution to the creation of sustainable futures.

Pastoral care is undertaken in the Senior School under a vertical pastoral care structure. This structure allows the grouping of younger and older students to be guided together with a consistent House Tutor for the four years of Senior School. The House Tutors are supported by the relevant Head of House under the guidance of the Head of Senior School.


Our Leadership program is extensive and there are many opportunities for Senior School students to be involved.

We encourage our students to be revolutionary in their thinking, valuing grassroots initiatives. Student-led community welfare initiatives and leadership programs such as the Student Representative Council and Captaincy positions provide a powerful avenue for our students to have their voice heard and to drive change within our school and our community.

Vocational Education

We are helping our young people to get a taste of what interests them and meets their aptitudes — helping them to make career decisions, giving them a head start, and making their transition into the workforce much easier.

As a part of a holistic approach to Careers, students are able to participate in Vocational Education Training (VET) as a part of their Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Students have the option of completing VET courses at school or TAFE and with other Registered Training Organisations. We also facilitate and support students doing school-based traineeships and school-based apprenticeships.

HSC VET students can now work towards an accredited qualification, the HSC, and entrance to university or trade options. VET allows students to develop industry-recognised skills while at school, and then choose from a broad range of post-school options.


We encourage our students to aim high and help them transition towards their chosen career — whatever that may be.

Careers and University

We provide our students with innovative options and local, national and international pathways that help them to transition towards their chosen career.

Close to home, we are partnering with Griffith University, Bond University and Southern Cross University to give our students the best chance to access scholarship and early-entry opportunities. However, many students aspire to study further afield including looking to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and internationally for tertiary study.

In addition, we provide in-school Vocational Education Training (VET) to Certificate Level 3 for the Hospitality Industry and Information Digital Technology.

Whatever is chosen, our aim is a successful post-school outcome for every student.

Music, Sport and our co-curricular programs continue to be important aspects of schooling throughout the Senior School.

Co-curricular, Music and Sport

 In the Senior School, we encourage our students to participate actively in all co-curricular opportunities. Not only are these activities fun and engaging, but they also help shape the well-rounded mindsets we aspire for our students.

A wide range of Co-curricular choices

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