Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School is thrilled to announce that Alyssa Malone, is a finalist for the Education Rising Star of the Year Award 2023. This prestigious nomination recognises Alyssa’s remarkable achievements and contributions to the field of education. Her unwavering dedication, passion and commitment have truly distinguished her as a rising star in her category.

Ms Malone is a deserving candidate for this award as she is an expert in her field, consistently demonstrating her passion and skill in mathematics. She has already achieved accreditation as a Proficient Teacher and has her sights set on reaching the Highly Accomplished Teacher level. Alyssa also showcases her leadership abilities through her work in Deep Learning, Gifted Education, Wellbeing and Pastoral programs, and actively engages in highly innovative areas such as STEM, Indigenous Education, and the International Round Square Schools initiative.

Kane Bradford, Head of Professional Practice, Innovation & Partnerships, spoke highly of Alyssa, stating, “Alyssa is undoubtedly one of the most promising young educators I have ever worked with. Her vast knowledge and composed demeanor earn her the respect and admiration of staff, students and the community.” Alyssa’s nomination is a testament to her outstanding work and the positive impact she has made in the lives of her students.

In addition to Alyssa’s nomination, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School has also received recognition in the Australian Education Awards 2023 in the category of “Best Use of Technology.” This Excellence Award acknowledges Lindisfarne’s commitment to integrating technology into education and leveraging its potential to benefit students.

At Lindisfarne, our pursuit of technological excellence focuses on delivering tangible benefits to our students. We have implemented several key improvements that have allowed us to remain at the forefront of innovation while adopting an evidence-based approach to provide the best solutions for our community.

Some of the recent improvements include providing clear guidance on interacting with Artificial Intelligence for learning purposes, incorporating virtual and augmented reality into lessons, offering explicit teaching of robotics and coding, ensuring our technology is ‘Teaching and Learning Ready,’ establishing reliable connectivity across networks, platforms, and devices, utilising world-leading software, learning, and communication platforms, and creating world-class educational experiences through key external partnerships.

These advancements highlight Lindisfarne’s commitment to embracing technology as a tool to enhance learning and create engaging educational experiences for our students.

Furthermore, Lindisfarne has been recognized in two additional categories: “Innovation in Learning Environment Design” and “Best Professional Learning Program.”

The recognition in the “Innovation in Learning Environment Design” category celebrates Lindisfarne’s new Early Learning Centre and the broader learning environment. Through extensive community consultation and a human-centered design approach, we have created a learning environment that promotes high-quality classroom learning, internal breakout spaces, and an outdoor learning space that connects students with nature.

The nomination for the “Best Professional Learning Program” acknowledges Lindisfarne’s innovative approach to professional development. Our program empowers teachers to take ownership of their learning journey, utilising the Performance and Development Planning process, Featured Sessions, and Staff-Led PD initiatives. By leveraging the collective expertise of our teaching team, we have scaled the impact of highly effective teaching strategies across the entire school, benefiting all students.

These nominations and recognitions serve as a source of motivation for us to continue striving for educational innovation and providing outstanding learning experiences for our students. We eagerly await the Awards show in August when the results will be announced.