The Junior School understands that the foundations of a building are key to the longevity of the structure. The same principle is applied to the teaching and learning of our students in Kindergarten to Year 4. Our students are provided rich learning environments and experiences that foster a love of learning and a curiosity for the world around them.

A focus on Explicit Instruction in Literacy and Numeracy and a balanced approach of inquiry in Science and Technology, History and Geography ensures that our students are continually gathering and gaining information to be successful participants along their learning journey. Through the intentional use of these practices, students are given the foundational skills in order to be literate and numerate and successfully embrace the outstanding learning experiences offered on a daily basis.

At Lindisfarne’s Junior School, our students benefit greatly by having the chance to be creative and curious. Programs that allow our students to express themselves through dance, music, art and physical education ensure constant opportunities are presented to excel.

At the Junior School, the teaching staff are continually collecting data on every individual to ensure that continual progression is occurring. A data-driven school ensures that student learning is individualised and student progression is continually tracked, reflected on and adjustments are made to cater for differentiated learning.

The Junior School’s curriculum is underpinned by our continual focus on providing the highest pastoral care. When a student feels safe and happy, they feel confident to learn. Ensuring our pastoral care program seamlessly integrates with our curriculum ensures that we have high success with all of our learners.

In the Junior School, we are reimagining the way education is provided to our students. Through evidence-based teaching, data-driven practices and an emphasis on curiosity and creativity, we are ensuring our students are reaching their potential.