Completing our solar project

We’re excited to announce Lindisfarne is switching to solar! 

As part of our sustainability initiatives at Lindisfarne, we recently launched our completed Solar project at the Junior School Campus. School Sustainability Assistant Patrick Brabant, Sustainability Prefect Kelly Chen, Junior School Green Team members Chloe Manwarring (Year 3) and Hudson Engelmann (Year 3) along with Principal Stuart Marquardt and other key staff were on site for switching on of the DC Solar array.

Provisioned and installed by Jared Mosely and his team from Modergy who worked tirelessly in evenings and on weekends to ensure the safety of our students and cause the least amount of disruption possible, the 99.9kW system will provide enough power to cover typical daily usage for the entire campus. On weekends, the excess usage will be exported to the grid. The School will realise significant financial savings from the solar installation but, most importantly, it will be contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of sustainable energy.

This is a great milestone for the School as it is the first of many large solar projects across all of our sites and adds to the many sustainability initiatives we already have in place.

Our systems were carefully selected to ensure students can access the data provided by the inverters and micro-inverters to study how solar energy works. We will be building dashboards and datasets for students to access our data on all sites, and allow discussions to happen in classes with real-life data.

Work soon begins on the larger 320kW system at the Middle and Senior School Campus, and the off-grid system at the Lindisfarne Boathouse in Kingscliff.


Gavin Kennedy

Director of Information Services, Infrastructure and Facilities