On Tuesday, 23 March, St Joseph’s College (Tweed Heads) hosted the first round of New South Wales Country Secondary Schools Knockout Chess Teams Competition.

Lindisfarne was represented by Zac Holtsbaum (Year 10), Nathan Lark (Year 11), Luke Boulter (Year 11) and Mia Wilkinson (Year 9), with Year 8 student Kai Cusack (Year 8) as a reserve.

Zac was our number one player, yet he had the longest and toughest game. His game nearly lasted an hour and he eventually lost to a better player. Zac was able to turn the result in a friendly match, however the official result still stood.

Nathan, Luke and Mia won their matches easily, demonstrating the depth of the talent within the Lindisfarne Chess Club. The 3-1 result, keeps Lindisfarne in the tournament and the team looks forward to Round 2 with anticipation.

Zac, Nathan, Luke, Mia and Kai should be congratulated on their sportsmanship and how well they represented Lindisfarne. Thank you to our hosts, St Joseph’s College (Tweed Heads).

Gavin Kester