The Lindisfarne Parents and Friends Committee (P&F) has spent the last few months laying the groundwork for this year’s FunFest under high levels of COVID-induced uncertainty. Nonetheless, as we approach the end of Term 1 things are definitely looking up and we have increasing levels of confidence that we will be able to proceed.

For those new to the school, this is an event that is held every two years and it represents a wonderful opportunity for the School community to come together.

Given that this is likely to be one of the first opportunities that we have been afforded since the start of the pandemic to gather in large numbers, we are hoping for a fantastic turnout.

As this is a P&F event, we will soon be looking for volunteers to assist on the day in various capacities. Additionally, if you or other families that you know have businesses that would like to support FunFest through donations of prizes or sponsorship, please contact me.

Steve Cornell
Vice President P&F