The Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise faculty aim to develop the skills our students need for the 21st Century through engaging students in practical ideation and the creation of business ideas.

As a culmination of this year’s Middle School Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Club and the Year 9 Commerce subject, we would like to invite you to purchase some of our student’s wonderful products. A perfect opportunity to support our students in their charitable endeavours and maybe pick up the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

Purchases in most cases are made by preorder, following your order you will receive details on payment and how to collect your goods.

Please contact the students through their websites linked below for specific questions and contact me at with any questions.

Bryan Malone
Director of Business, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Cards for Koalas

Mia Harris has developed a range of amazing cards and Tote bags, the perfect card for Christmas.

Inspired by Keira

Keira Mulholland has designed an amazing range of digital art.

KT Masks

Kobi Tokatly will customise any mask. Make a statement.

Bow Wow Bandanas

Don’t forget to purchase your best friend the perfect Christmas gift. A Bow Wow bandana makes any pooch look extra classy.

By Phoebe Robins, Emily Daniel, Eliza Evesson and Emy Griffiths.

Grippy Kids

Are you a surfer? Grippy kids has a great range of surf wax and wax combs for every surfer’s needs.

By Sabrina Harris, Thomas Butcher and Lachlan Goodwin.


Amazing range of Bath salts and bespoke rings, the perfect gift for a loved one.

By Annabella Andrews, Ella Maddalena and Josephine Caton.

Master Bookmarks

A creative range of bookmarks that will suit any bookworm.

By Aurora Vatcher-Anin and Sienna Muscatt.

Wave Jade

A fantastic range of trendy bracelets.

By Shelby Osborne, Lara Marshall and Scarlett Ojiako-Pettit.


Pre-order a scrumptious doughnut for December 2nd from Kiara Denny.

3 Crazy Nutters – Peanut Butter

Speciality peanut butters that will interest any lover of food.

By Byron Bown, Lachlan Simmons and Mathew Sabey.


Amazing artwork by this Year 5 team.

By Oscar Rynderman, Caleb Wheate and Wallace Thompson.

April and Mae

Fill your home with our gorgeous, all-natural candles, which can be used for decor, to burn or even as a gift!

By Eva and Etienne Mcdonald, Indy Iliffe and Matilda Fitzgerald.