What started as a vision by Canon Ron Dyson 40 years ago is now a community of nearly 2000 current staff, students and friends. And this year Lindisfarne celebrates four decades of learning together.

In the Christian faith, 40 is an important number that often signifies a length of time used for testing and hardships for one to become more spiritually aware — Jesus was in the desert for 40 days, Noah’s flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights, and the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.

In 2021, as Lindisfarne recognises 40 years since its foundation, it was a good opportunity for the school community to celebrate where we’d come from but also remember the testing and hardships it took to get to this point.

And, to recognise the importance of this year, celebrations were held across both campuses as well as a special Sunday service at St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church in Tweed Heads.

At the Senior School on Monday and Tuesday, three alumni — Nick Wright (2009), Chloe Ryan (2002) and now Lindisfarne teacher Sam Dick (2013) — reflected on their time at the School, and encouraged current students to be bold in life.

The events were followed with the planting of a mandarin tree — signifying the fruits of the spirit — the now-iconic Smithy Sprint time- trialled race from the bottom oval to the top car park.

The Junior School choir sings at the 2021 Foundation Day service

The Junior School choir sings at the 2021 Foundation Day service

40 Years of Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Then, on Wednesday 28 April, exactly 40 years since the Junior School was founded, the main Foundation Day service was held at the Sunshine Avenue campus — where our community started.
School Principal Stuart Marquardt said he was “delighted” to be able to welcome The Bishop of Grafton, Dr Murray Harvey, The Reverend Dway Goon Chew of St Cuthbert’s Church, and a swathe of past and present staff, friends and community groups who have made a significant contribution to the Lindisfarne community.
“Their legacy of showing compassion, sharing their wisdom and their respect has served us well to lead us to the point where we are today,” said Mr Marquardt.

The Senior School 2021 Foundation Day service