Preschool classes recently had a special visit from Wild Rangers who presented the ‘Bugs Gone Wild’ show! The show was interesting and interactive, with lots of very brave Preschoolers handling a variety of bugs, insects and creatures.

Sam the giant snail, Barry the burrowing cockroach and Fluffy the tarantula, just to name a few, had the children captivated from beginning to end!

Students learnt that giant snails can sleep for two years when there is no rain, that leaf insects like to eat eucalyptus leaves, that a burrowing cockroach likes eating dead leaves, that a millepede has 100 legs, a tarantula has eight eyes and a scorpion can glow in the dark with UV light!!

It was great to get up close and personal with a variety of insects and some of animals which feed on them- like lizards and frogs.

Michelle Donohue