National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy 2010

Information for parents

In May 2010 the National Assessment Program ? Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) will be completed by all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 in all government and non-government schools. NAPLAN has the support of all State and Territory Education Ministers and will assess the literacy and numeracy learning of students in all Australian schools.

The results of the tests will provide important information to schools about what each student can do, and will be used to support teaching and learning programs. Parents will receive a report indicating their child?s level of achievement. Each student?s level of achievement will be reported against the national minimum standard.

Background information (student name, gender, date of birth, language background and Aboriginality) will be collected as part of the National Assessment Program.This information is treated confidentially and held securely to ensure that every student?s right to privacy is maintained.

The tests will be conducted across Australia for all students from 11-13 May 2010.

Tuesday 11 May  

  • Language Conventions  (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)
  • Writing

Wednesday 12 May

  • Reading

Thursday 13 May

  • Numeracy (Number; Algebra, function and pattern; Measurement, chance and data; and Space)

In the Numeracy tests students do not require any measuring tools such as rulers or protractors. In Years 7 and 9 there will be two Numeracy tests: one where a calculator is allowed and one where calculators are not to be used. For the calculator test, the student should use the calculator that they currently use at school.

Friday 14 May

  •  A ?catch-up? day is scheduled for students who missed a test or were absent on a test day.

Students may be considered for exemption from the tests if they are newly arrived in Australia (less than one year before the test) and with a language background other than English, or if they have significant intellectual and/or functional disability.

All other students are expected to participate in the tests. Special provisions which reflect the student?s normal level of support in the classroom will be provided for students by the school. Large print, Braille and black and white versions of the test are available for students with vision impairment.

Access to special provisions and exemption from the tests must be discussed with your school?s learning support team and the school Principal, and a parent or carer consent form must be signed. Students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent or carer. This is a matter for consideration by parents and carers in consultation with the principal. If you wish to withdraw your child from the tests you must sign a parent or carer consent form. Consent forms are available at your school.

Please make an appointment with the Principal of the school your child attends if you would like further information about your child?s participation in the National Assessment Program.

Additional information about NAPLAN can be found at: