Technology In The Classroom

The role of technology has never been more crucial than it is now in giving students the best possible learning experiences. Access to technological devices in the classroom is as important as the approach towards technology taken by our teachers.

At Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, we recognise students need to be proficient in the use of all modern technologies and to understand the possible demands of future changes. Our students develop the skills required in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within the context of meaningful tasks during lessons and through being taught as an academic discipline. ICT is integrated across the curriculum in both the Primary and Secondary School academic programs.

Core Skills in the Junior and Senior School Programs

In the Kindergarten to Year 6 program, students acquire a set of core ICT skills and apply these in a variety of subjects through the use of all types of devices, from desktop machines to laptops and iPads. Students from Year 5 and above are progressively adopting the use of iPads in the classroom.

Our Year 7 to Year 12 program develops a variety of skills through the delivery of multiple platforms consisting of PC, Apple computers, Mac notebooks and iPads to ensure students are industry and life ready on graduation. All students from Year 7 to Year 10 complete lessons encompassing essential technology skill sets and practices required for success in all subjects.

This is part of enabling our vision of ‘preparing and inspiring our students to achieve their very best in a global society’ along with following values:

  • personalised learning opportunities that are flexible and authentic and meet each student’s aspirations and educational needs
  • supporting students to take responsibility for their own learning and for the learning of others
  • integrating new technologies into the wide range of opportunities students are offered to enable them to participate in a global world.