Study Skills

Study skills are integral to every student’s success. The further along a student is in their schooling, including tertiary education, the ability to use essential study skills to work ‘smart’ and have optimal achievement becomes increasingly more important. 

Lindisfarne provides all students in Years 7 to 11, with focused and appropriate study skills seminars presented by Elevate Education, Australia's leading study skills provider, to support optimal outcomes in their secondary education – skills that are built upon over time to support long-term goals.

Parents form a critical part of student’s study habits and are ideally placed to reinforce effective study habits to facilitate learning and study outcomes.

Good study skills take consistent practice and support from educators and parents. We all need to be speaking the same language to enhance the consolidation of study skills. That is why Lindisfarne provides information for both our staff and parents so that we can collectively support the building of these important skills. Best practices mean that we are reinforcing both in the classroom and at home.

Each Year level has a different focus such as:

 Years 7 to 8:

  • Dynamic reading
  • Note taking
  • Conceptual learning
  • Independent learning

Year 9:

  • Understanding memory
  • Why we forget
  • How more information can be retained
  • Effective revision strategies
  • How to minimise reliance on rote learning

Year 10:

  • Working consistently
  • Note taking
  • Conceptual learning
  • Standing out on assessment

Year 11:

  • Study routine
  • Working smart
  • Study groups
  • Procrastination

Parents and staff also have ongoing access to materials via the Elevate website to support and reinforce the study skills.  Additionally, a brief information booklet from Elevate Education is available below, alongside the work booklets for students in each year level as described in the information booklet: